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Analog Girl in a Digital World

Anna Melissa is a bodywork therapist and yoga teacher. Her current work is a product of 15 years of studying, practicing and teaching healing arts.

She is known for creating compassionate, free spaces where her clients can put their guard down and bloom into their fuller potential. She does it by combining different styles and practices so every class or treatment is fully adjusted to the needs of each person.

After her studies in Tourism & Hospitality she decided to follow her calling. She studied Tao & Self-Connection practices for 7 years, combined with numerous trainings in healing arts - like Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Abdominal Massage, Integrated Cranio Sacral therapy - in many places around the world.

She’s passionate about the human experience & deeply inspired by the ways of Nonviolent Communication, Trauma Healing, Inner Child work and Life itself.

Her purpose is to contribute to a better world by creating intentional spaces where people are heard, seen, held and cared for in hope of cultivating more peace and kindness in the world.

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My work is based on the concept of nervous system co-regulation through empathy, movement & holistic bodywork.


I support my clients by creating a safe time & space where the goal is not to ‘fix’ them but actually to allow whatever is, to unfold.

In this way we discover & connect with their

physical and emotional needs and THEN create

strategies of relief.


My work is addressed to everyone who seeks rest, peace, joy & grounding within their body & their life.


People of all ages, lifestyles & physical condition are welcome.


The following personal and group services are offered :



A holistic bodywork treatment (aka. fancy word for a sophisticated massage:) which combines elements of Thai Yoga bodywork, Chi Nei Chang abdominal massage, principles of Intergrated Cranio Sacral treatment.  The focus is on nourishing the body through touch & active ‘listening’. This promotes deep relaxation, grounding, creates more space to breathe, supports blood circulation & chi flow, releases tension and moves stagnant energy.  Every session is fully adapted to the state and needs of each individual by given information as well as intuitive feeling.  The treatment takes place on a special floor mat with your comfy clothes on. 120 minutes ​ ​


Instead of following any kind of set exercises or poses, you’ll be guided through the process of re-connecting with your body’s wisdom by Yin Yoga and intuitive movement. The goal is to re-claim and find comfort, relief, boundaries and joy within your own body.  This practice has been especially beneficial for people with difficult work/life routines, which sometimes are not possible to change at that moment. Therefore we introduce new, healthier patterns which in the long run aim to balance the straining habits, postures, chronic fatigue or mental stress. It promotes self-connection, empowerment and adds to improved life quality.  We close the practice with a holistic bodywork/massage as described in the previous section.  The time is split between movement & massage based on the needs and energy levels of my client that day. 120 minutes



Another form of offerings are private & group workshops. Some examples of people who choose it are : couples, friends, parents, doctors, yoga teachers, caretakers of all kind, all who want to discover or reconnect with their innate ability of more Mindful Touch. We do that by learning about: Thai Yoga massage techniques, active ‘listening’ with your hands inspired by Cranio Sacral wisdom, principles of presence inspired by Nonviolent Communication.  Mindful Touch gives the opportunity for deeper connection, bonding experience, understanding the impact of Touch, learning how to approach a fellow human with kindness, respect & empathy.  Based on what is the goal of students, I individually configure the learning time, setup & price of each workshop.


Currently : Each Wednesday at 13-14:15 at Patrick Broome Yoga studio City, Amiraplatz 3 Luitpoldtblock. Book your spot at Mats & bolsters are provided. Dress comfortable and warm. You can also book a class for your company. In a group class setting, I find Yin Yoga to be one of the most powerful tools to arrive in your body & create intentional space for deep rest & relaxation. Group classes in their nature cannot offer the individual approach of a private session however, Yin Yoga offers plenty of personal space and time for feeling into your body and self-reflection.  The practice follows the wisdom of ‘less is more’. You are guided into specific poses, find comfort in them by using props and stay in each for a few minutes while your full breath does the job. The key here is to avoid struggle and stay curious in this self-connection quest.  *props : ex. bolsters, pillows, blankets are required in case of classes at companies. ​ 75 & 90 minutes


Many children these days are under a surprising amount of stress and pressure especially sourced by school, schedules full of activities, as well as the performance & image oriented social norms for young teenagers.  ​ The kids’ treatments are usually a bit shorter in time (60minutes), sometimes accompanied by their parents & with focus on creating an environment of trust and joy.  ​ The quality of grounding in their body builds more clarity and supports nervous system regulation & rest.  It also teaches the new generation about the importance of self-care.   60 minutes


Because you are precious and important and wherever you go, your body and mind comes along. 


Because a regulated nervous system defines your everyday experience. 


Because the quality of your movement, breath, rest and sleep, defines the quality of your life. 


Or.. just because:)


Anna Melissas treatments are pure magic. Release yourself completely in this unique safe space she creates - full of trust and healing energies. A silently guided full body meditation that invites healing on all level.

Let Anna Melissa’s hands do the talking to whatever parts of you need to be

heard, released, renewed, healed.

Charlotte Buffler


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